LGBTQ+ Turn the beauty of your being inside out!

Freedom is being yourself. Love your uniqueness. Ignite true love.


Confidence & Hypnosis Coach

LGBTQ+ Turn the beauty of your being inside out!

Freedom is being yourself. Love your uniqueness. Ignite true love. 


Confidence & Hypnosis Coach

Your soul deserves peace ...

and unshakeable confidence. Something internally true & privately held for a free, self-determined life!

Heal your soul by letting go of anxiety and emotional addiction rapidly & effortlessly with my unique hypnosis & coaching program. 

Find a real connection to your true identity & intimacy to get what you really desire in love, sex and life.

I help you break free from fears, guilt, shame or porn-addiction rapidly & effortlessly with hypnosis.

Find a real connection to your true identity & intimacy to get what you really desire in love, sex and life.

What’s love got to do with it?

 I am here to help those who suffer in silence, for the misfits, for the rebels, the ones who feel and see things differently. Let’s speak up and spread the word together!

We want LOVE. Plain & simple. We want to be loved. We want to feel love. We want to create love. We want to see love. We want to give love. We want love and light to go in the deepest, darkest shadows within us while activating a healing vortex.

Imagine if all the experienced pain, rejection and shame were replaced with unconditional love. How would that have changed your life? Who would you be today? How would you feel about yourself?

Love is the answer to the questions inside of us. True self-love liberates, dismantles, and builds. It’s how we honor ourselves and others. It leads to happiness and fulfillment. When we genuinely love ourselves, we refuse to accept anything less than what we deserve.

Love is our power, and a lot of us have moved through life feeling powerless. So, let’s get our power back!

You are born to shine!

The hidden fears ...

‚I drink, smoke or watch porn when I’m feeling bored, alone, depressed, stressed or out of anxiety.‘

Deep down, do you constantly worry about not being good enough? Do you suffer from guilt & shame? Not feeling fully accepted and value estimated? Do you even experience violence, discrimination and repression? Do you drive yourself to be crazy busy, always hit targets, do flawless work, be successful at all costs? Do you want to go beyond others expectations and dread the possibility of failure and rejection? 

If so, I hear you. The internal stress of trying to give a damn shit about it often leads to constantly striving to reach almost impossible goals coupled with the ever-present fear of failure and not feeling good enough. This is a major source of emotional instability. It likes to creep into your life in disguise. And it’s quite insistent.

It shows up as lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities and can literally establish many different emotions and behaviors. It’s an ocean of related anxieties. 

Everyone has self-doubt, guilt, shame and fears every now and then, but very few want to admit it. And if it gets too intense, it can literally be destroying and becomes unbearable, slowly but surely. You often sense an emptiness, numbness, hopelessness, loneliness, boredom or even disempowerment, separation, lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and fulfillment. And subconsciously you want MORE … more porn, more alcohol, more cigs, more food, you name it.

The urge to fill this emptiness becomes unbearable, you can’t stand it without an instant gratification. For the sake of the relief… what an unflattering angel.

Who am I really?
I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being.
I feel deeply connected at last.
You're brave enough sit with the ache in your heart. It's much harder than summiting the highest peak.
LGBTQ+ everyone is very welcome!
I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the magic spell of your own being.
Let's go with the flow.
We now know exactly our wants & needs.
At the end, I'm alone again.
Numbing loneliness feels like drowning slowly while the wave is getting bigger...
Happiness at its finest.
Whatever you focus on you get more of. Just listen to your heart babe!
Why do I feel so much?
Sweetness & sadness. Love & resistance. Faith & mistrust. Happiness & emptiness. Pleasure & grief.
I don't want to hide my tears anymore.
It's damn hard to live in a world demanding you resist your own self, your own rhythm, your own soul.
Believe you can fly!
First you make your beliefs then your beliefs make you.
I think this is killing me.
I'm sure I could be a movie star if I could get out of this place.
Am I enough?
Yesss, you definitely are! LOVE is everything you need darling!
Where are my dreams?
You're so fearless for choosing the quiet of your soul over those voices driving you always towards more.
Get this epic experience now!
Just feel & take off, come and fly with me. It’s magical!
Feeling alone among others?
As long as you feel anything, be a new, quieter kind of hero. You got this!
No panic, no doubts anymore.
Finally hear your call towards what your soul is yearning for. Nothing more, nothing less.

You try keeping busy, either exercising, eating, watching porn or other ways to numb yourself. Either way, deep inside you just don’t dare to face your hidden fears or vulnerabilities and you desperately look for escape but you feel lost in the ocean of chaos. The waves come rushing over you. You gotta learn to ride them properly if you want to stay afloat.

Perhaps, within the vibrant colourful community LGBTQ+ you are amazing at what you do, who you are, how you feel, how you think and how you come across. However, self-doubt, loneliness, guilt & shame, or that feeling of not being connected with yourself always creeps in and ruin your self-esteem and confidence. It keeps you subconsciously stuck for ages with the same habits and thinking patterns and stops you getting what you really desire in love, sex and life and what matches your core values and your soul essence. And again, you feel bored, lonely, empty and even numb.

Those subconscious thoughts & feelings  are difficult to diagnose yet can comprise of any of the following:

This is robbing you of joy, love & light in each area of your life.

Even if you know something has to be faced at last, your subconscious mind suppresses it which means that you distract yourself. Negative self-talk triggers panic attacks, anxiety and depression that makes it very difficult to deal with it by yourself.

Hence, even if you’re scared to call shame, guilt or self-doubt by its name, you should own it, seriously. It has the powerful potential to ruin yourself and all the other wonderful things in your life. Love. Sex. Relationships. Self-love. Self-esteem. Self-confidence. Your truth. Your faith. Your full potential.

How can you live fulfilled if your true self is invisible? Don’t let it stay invisible to yourself. I am here for you, listening to you and giving you a sheltered space, love & light. 

Life is an ocean - learn to enJOY the waves!

Happiness is the body without pain, the spirit without bewilderedness.

Get first rapid results within one session. It will leave you gobsmacked. If you want to turn your life around to live authentically, meaningfully and fulfilled in each area, learn how to rewire your subconscious mind with RTT. Get rid of doubting yourself, limiting beliefs, guilt, shame, fears or emotional addiction. Ignite your zest of life & freedom. Heal what still hurts and free yourself in a rapid and sustainable way easily & effortlessly. 

1:1 Hypnosis coaching session for laser-focused & rapid results. Get more of what you really desire in love, sex & life. Find your WHY and live your purpose – on purpose!

3 steps to reveal your Authentic Self - Out of the cocoon! This is what you get ...

1. Dive deeper

… and use your subconscious to your advantage. Fears, guilt, shame are deeply rooted within. Hypnosis helps to eliminate what doesn’t serve you anymore.

2. Surf the wave

… surfing the urge reveals internal triggers. They crest and subside. Ride out your waves and learn to master your internal triggers. So that they don’t become your master anymore.

3. Get wings & fly

… into your new life. Unfold your true self with a special intimacy that boost your self-esteem. It’s about being, not about doing. Freedom is being yourself.


When you believe in yourself fully, the progress you create will match the power of your belief. 

Like a butterfly – you too will awaken in your own time.

Everyone deserves to feel loved, to live & love their authentic self and full potential. Free and connected at the same time, without ego, without system, without any other attachments. Everything can arise from your free and unconditional true self out of pure love. Out of the cocoon – into freedom, lightness and bliss! 

Me & my Resources


I am so excited you are here. Let me share a secret with you: I’m a mermaid from Atlantis called Undine, deeply connected with my source, the element water – always in motion. E-motion is energy in motion – in a deep blue ocean. Our life is not a state, it’s a process of constant change, with ups and downs. The art is to LET GO when you notice what no longer serves you.

Diversity is what makes life interesting and exciting. I do love travelling light, art & music and exploring various cultures as well as the magic of the extraordinary. I enjoy experiencing new things in a playful manner, connecting with rainbow land, unicorns & people who think & feel different from the mainstream. 

Yet, many of us still carry on a huge burden that has to be revealed and healed on a deeper level.

Let’s replace old subconscious thought patterns with new constructive ones. Get reconnected with your secret dreams, discover your needs and values. Take off and live your authentic self by knowing how to harness your subconscious to get what you really desire & who you meant to be. It’s your time to shine. It will lead you continuing your healing process, self-love and self-acceptance.

Turn the beauty of your own being inside out, sense excitement and also inner peace, gain unshakeable confidence, develop inner strength and embark on new ways of being triumphant over your past limitations and frustrations. This ripple effect has a tremendous impact on each area of your life. You love & value yourself unconditionally and surf each wave of life with ease and joy. 

A take off to body mind connection. 

Light up your subconscious mind and stay on top of it!

When your thoughts understand that they belong to the ocean and the waves are beautifully shallow.

Don’t despair if you suffer in silence. Hypnosis reveals your resistance and root causes & sets you free. 

Take the leap of faith and rewire your subconscious to get what you really yearn for. Resistance can’t be eliminate in a jiffy. But it’s totally possible to put them on a leash and transform them rapidly, rather than keep you stuck in pain for ages.

Want to put yourself into the driver’s seat of your life, let’s hang out & get your free call here …


Happy people ...


Mission Butterfly - The Magic Change

… is unfolding people’s true unique self on a journey on their individual self-realization to live their full potential and talents. It doesn’t matter what Gender we are, what we look like. What’s beneath is very much the same. LOVE needs acceptance. 

A teaching how to love unconditionally. Come as you are and love who you are.

We transform limitations into magnetic attraction and together we inspire humanity to spread love & light around the world. There is a hidden magical spark of true love in each of us.

Imagine a life of deep meaning, freedom & just BE whoever the ff (freeform) you want!