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Believe there is no limit to your possibilities!

Undine - yesss, my name means "mermaid"

I love it, as I grew up at the ocean and I always love watching sunrises and sunsets on the horizon over the astonishingly sparkling surface of the ocean. After a few enormous waves without any direction or knowing how to surf them, I got help and finally a new life, luckily everything was falling into place gracefully.

Here I am today and I proudly announce that I am a Certified Hypnotherapist RTT and Greator-Life Coach and got involved with my burning desire to help others, started my own business after working in the corporate world as long as I can remember. What more can I say about me?

Okay, I’m also a human being, a woman, female & male – yin & yang, mother of three amazing boys, wife, empathetic, open-minded, laid-back, intuitive, sensitive, ambitious, creative, adventurous, weird in a mermaid manner, passionate & always curious about what life still has in store. I truly love variety and exploring new things, I do love people, discovering new countries and cultures, music, dancing, reading, learning, cycling, nature, continued growth, personal healing, inspiring and supporting others, hanging out with friends, being with myself and traveling light, preferably on my own. I’m vegetarian, occasionally vegan and a coffee, wine and chocolate lover.

To sum up, I lived in 3 countries, 5 provinces, 14 different places and went through 8 schools and 11 jobs, two marriages, gave birth to two boys and years ago I opened my heart to an amazing little boy who urgently needed help as a little innocent child.

I grew up taking care of my younger brother all the time. As I’m always surrounded by men, I figured out that I inherently feel drawn to them not only as a woman, also as a friend, listener and a supporter. I’m keen to know what’s going on beneath the surface, I love deep conversations where I can open people’s eyes to find the pearl in the shell.

Throughout my life I experienced different forms of trauma from severe anxiety, emotional abuse, unexpected panic attacks, toxic relationships, obsessive-compulsive disorder, fear of loss and seeking validation in the wrong places.

Facing difficult times not only during my childhood shaped my personality tremendously. When I was small, life was governed by one word only – survival. Words like ’self-care‘ or ’self-love‘ were not in the equation. When I grew up I made my own life about survival, too. Because that was all I knew. A matter of life or death. Literally.

Yet, I had no idea where to start. I knew no other ways, no role models on how to live or be differently. Born in East Germany I proudly commit to being one of the revolutionaries back then. As soon as the Berlin wall was falling down, I moved to West Germany. Without knowing where to go, what to do, what would it be like. At this time I lost all of my personal belongings. But honestly, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was fighting for my freedom, single mum, my little son on my arm, two suitcases, no flat, no work, no support, yet no fear, no doubts but guts and the unshakable faith and desire to live independently at last. My first value is freedom and independency, shaped by my history. So, go girl, go for freedom in the unknown. Was it easy – no way. Tough times, tough love, mixed intense feelings of loneliness, emptiness, helplessness, terrified, frustrated, isolated, disconnected, overwhelmed yet nonetheless happy though. At the end totally worth this intense change and my courage.

My love now radiates over the world to its awesome people who also wants to step out of their comfort zone but something is holding them back. I am convinced to be able to free all of them. I want to be their light, their star in the darkness, trainer and supporter along the way through their transformation. You are meant to live your life with passion, free and independent! Stop playing small and step into your greatness, you already shine from the inside out. You just have to spark your Superhero within!

I am always keen to embark on the next adventure and the next challenge. Let´s dive deeper!

Over 30 years, while working in several branches of the corporate world, I have accompanied numerous of people in the realization of their goals and supported them in various life issues, strengthened their self-confidence and inspired them to realize their dreams.

Yet, it felt kinda boring, I had to go. 2016 I got travel addicted with severe fear of flight. Great and perfect combination. I said to myself, stay humble and book several flights in a row. I got the hang of challenging myself and all of the sudden I was keen to fly almost monthly. Spain, Italy, California, England. Meanwhile I love facing any upcoming anxious feeling. I’ve been learning to rewire my mind and use it to my advantage. It works perfectly and I got hooked to find out more.

Due to my educations RTT by Marisa Peer, UK and Greator Coach, Germany, I’ve been studying tons of phenomenal methods of scientifically proven mindset hacks and how we can utilize those amazing insights quickly and sustainable to eliminate fears, doubts and self-sabotage while gaining iron confidence and self-esteem, get rid of addictions and sense our superpower within.

Self-Confidence is a Superpower, once you start believing in yourself, magic starts happening!

Before this, life was boring. I felt like an emotionally sensitive alien always surfing against the storm but not able to catch the waves in a battle between being myself or someone else. Not being too sensitive, too extraordinary, too weird, too demand, too outstanding, too funny, too odd, too different, simply too much for the world around me.

Anxiety captured me, I just wanted to drown. Severe times for me and those who thought they have been knowing me. I could barely believe it either. It lasts years; loops of therapies, hospitals, docs, simply lost in the ocean of my life. Whereas I am a mermaid, born in Atlantis in times long past. Hey Undine, remember this and get your guts, your superpower back! Go for it now!

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? F**** the purpose, I just wanted to get wings and fly to be free without any attachments. Fly into myself, into my heart, into my unconditional love. Together with my inner child, to sense it and take it at home. Last but not least luckily unexpected panic attacks hit me and I was finally ready to take off. I firmly believed there must be a way out. And so, I started to look for it on the other side of fear. I urgently had to take action.

But a rubber band was constantly pulling me back, you know … the blessed comfort zone. Since I was little, I truly love watching clouds and creating images in my mind to form a bigger picture of my future-self. Anyway, there was a teeny-tiny silver lining on the horizon peeping through fluffy clouds. And suddenly something inside me kept telling that the void is where faith lives and I just have to surrender to the unknown. Everything and nothing exists there.

And, although I didn’t know that at the time, it was a journey back home, to myself. I spent years in the void. I attended courses, workshops and trainings. I worked hard with amazing therapists and coaches I met along my way. And even more challenging, I went through all the trials and errors of implementing what I learned into my own life. That was awkward and bumpy.

Slowly but steady, I found my rhythm, the sacred dance and love myself exactly the way I am. Embracing my uniqueness, connecting with like-minded people over the whole world, getting know each other better, deep dive … in deeper conversations, dancing our lives together, flying around like butterflies with ease, being an unicorn under rainbows, mysteries of cultures, discovering new things, personal development, learning a new language, revealing secret dreams, making them true, hacking mindset blocks, feeling the magic of the present moment, of this deeply true alignment with my heart in love and gratitude.

I started working with clients as a Mindset Transformation Coach, which brought my learning to a completely different level.

The truth that I found was surprisingly simple. Because all you want from life starts from self-love. Look inside, the Superhero is already within you. You will get this, too!

Stand by yourself, all other roles are taken.

The moment I felt back in love with who I truly was, with all my perfect imperfections, all other things started to fall back into place without much effort on my part. My physical health, my energy level, my relationships, my career, my sense of purpose and meaning and my zest for life.

Until you start to treat yourself with love, kindness and value you truly deserve, no matter what! – all other solutions can take you only so far.

Self-love changes everything. The way you relate to yourself, the way you interact and communicate with people you love and those you’re not so fond of and the way you live your life. It is the most beautiful and rewarding journey you can ever take.

Since 2020, I’ve been helping empaths to love their uniqueness, reach their next level quickly and precisely with the unique deep dive combined method of RTT and mindset training. They unfold their superhero, lose fears, gain confidence and release undreamt-of powers to significantly accelerate the achievement of their goals.

Besides more freedom, abundance, love, success and curiosity, my clients discover new talents, get to know their values and their needs, their full potential and find meaning of life. They free themselves from the cocoon, start to realize their dreams, to think, feel, act in a new manner, make right decisions successfully and self-confidently. They develop a new personality, radiate from within and it is so infectious to others. Be cautious, it can be really dangerous. You likely want to know me better now. 

Be your authentic & unapologetically YOU!

Besides radiating sexual and confident attraction my clients are up to new partnerships in all its forms. They’ve gotten a crush on themselves, feel loved and valuable. 

That’s the magic change. Trust the process and allow your true self to unfold in surrender, your Superhero, surf the waves of life, get wings, take off, fly free and self-assured … just like a butterfly. It needs a journey of healing transformation. You too will awaken in your own time.

Due to my good intuition and the ability to listen emphatically my clients feel and love this trusting and safe space. As a certified hypnotherapist RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy – I am an expert in discovering and dissolving limiting beliefs and take my clients on a magically transformational journey where they feel inspired, connected, lovingly understood, accepted and valued. They gain never-before-seen courage, love for themselves and lovingly discover their self-worth.

If you dare to dive deeper into your subconscious let’s rewire your mind and the magic change happens. I show you how to surf every wave in order to unfold your wings of desire and fly into your new magical life.